The guide to getting hosted

Tired of free, unreliable hosts that promise nothing but problems? Deciding to get someone to host you but everytime you apply, you get rejected? This guide hopefully will help you to find the right host and what to do before and after you get accepted.

The first thing you should do, make sure you have something to offer to your potential host. It could be your graphic-making talent, photography talent, writing skills, whatever, it should be something that can impress the site owner. Don’t be afraid to show-off your talent(s) because they can help you to get hosted.

Then, do a little bit of research. Look for sites that offer hosting. What I mean here is not simply looking around for site that offer hosting and apply right away.You need to check how long the site has been around, whether it has good uptime, whether the owner has nice personality and willing to help the hostees. In short, look for sites that offer hosting and good service.

Also, all site owners that offer hosting on their sites would have a few requirements or rules of some kind. Make sure you read and understand all of them.

If you have any doubts, contact the owner. Do not apply at sites that have too much rules or too much of ridiculous rules such as ‘you must comment on every of my post’ or ‘you must be my best friend’.

When applying, make sure you agree to the rules, and provide the host with whatever he/she need from you such as samples of your work or codings.

Give them the best you have. Give the owner a few days to process your application. Do not press him/her because it would just irritate them and may result in you application being rejected. However, if you do not get a reply from the owner within a week, you might as well write to the owner and ask him/her kindly to cancel your application.

In the case you do not get accepted, do not badmouth the owner behind his/her back. That will just strengthen the owner’s justification for rejecting you: that you have an attitude problem.

Once you get hosted, do not be a stranger, meaning do not forget to keep in touch with your host even if you are not required to do so. This is to show some appreciation to the person who hosts. You can do this by dropping by your host’s site and leave meaningful comments on the blog posts or simply leaving short messages on the tagboard. Respect he/she and respect other people, do not do anything that might get yourself or your host in trouble such as stealing people’s work, writing about sensitive topics on your site, etc. Avoid doing anything that may incur your host’s wrath. Everyone has a limit to their tolerance. Do not go beyond that limit.

There are of course, more guidelines/tips than what I have listed above. If you feel this article needs improvement, please send in your opinions/suggestions to me.