Installing smilies

This tutorial will teach you how to replace those yellow smilies that come with WordPress with your own smilies!

Step 1
Go to your site account and look for the wp-includes folder.

Step 2
Open the smilies folder. You can find it here: wp-includes > images > smilies.

Step 3
Upload your smilies into this folder.

Step 4
Go back to wp-includes and look for the functions.php file.

Step 5
Open the file, but before you make any changes to this file, remember to keep a backup copy of the file.

Step 6
Scroll your way down to the smilies section. Change the default filenames of the smilies to the filenames of your smilies.

':twisted:' => 'icon_twisted.gif',


':twisted:' => 'twist.gif',

Step 7
Save the file.

That’s it. Enjoy your new smilies. ^^