Installing FanUpdate

Having a problem installing FanUpdate? No worries, the following tutorial will guide you to do it properly!

/* FanUpdate is a script by Jenny Ferenck of PrismPerfect.Net */
/* The script is no longer available at the owner’s site therefore the script is not updated anymore and there won’t be any help support either */

What you need to have prior to installation:
~ A MySql database
~ FanUpdate script

Step 1
Unzip the FanUpdate folder and open the blog-config.php file. Edit the ADMIN and DATABASE variables.


$fanupdate['admin_username'] = 'admin';     // username for logging in
$fanupdate['admin_password'] = md5('pass'); // replace 'pass' with your own password


$fanupdate['dbhost'] = 'localhost';      // DO NOT change this unless localhost is not your database host
$fanupdate['dbuser'] = 'admin';          // your database username
$fanupdate['dbpass'] = 'pass';           // your database password
$fanupdate['dbname'] = 'database_name';  // your database name

Step 2
Once you have edited the blog-config.php file, create a folder/directory in your account and name it, for eg. ‘fanupd’. Therefore your folder/directory would look something like this http://yoursite.ext/fanupd

Step 3
Upload all the FanUpdate files into this folder.

Step 4
Run install.php by going to http://yoursite.ext/fanupd. From here, you will need to set some options here. Submit the form once you’re done with it. DELETE the install.php file from your server once you have completed all of the installation process to ensure no one would mess with it.

Step 5
To add the codes to display your blog in your site, go to the admin panel homepage and follow the link for ‘how to display your blog’.

Once you added the codes, you are ready to make your first posting!