Behind the name:

There’s nothing special behind the name really. I actually wanted to call it, but unfortunately it has already been taken. I insisted to have the ‘neko’ word (it means cat in Japanese) in it so I decided to call my site Nekonette.

About the website

When I first bought Nekonette, I really didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve already had a blog at (now closed down) so I thought I would use as my graphic portfolio but somehow, in the process of building up the site, I ended up making it as a blog instead. Thus I quickly transformed the site to be my personal website which contains my blog and a couple of web articles. Over the time, I keep making modifications and adding in stuff into Nekonette to eventually become what it is today.

Reviewed by:

  • Skip-along
  • Kara of
    Nekonette is a personal hub filled with tutorials, web articles, and blog posts from Kitty. One of my favourite aspects of Kittys website is her blog posts – always well thought out, well written, and posted regularily. There is a lovely mix of deep, serious blog posts as well as refreshing anecdotes about her day to day life. There are many high quality tutorials available, ranging from CSS tutorials to WordPress tutorials to a tutorial on how to create a custom 404 page. You also have the option to ask Kitty questions – about herself, about her website, and she will respond to what you ask. I like this implemented within a personal website, as I feel it shows a real honestly and openness towards the people who frequent her site. Kitty opens up her life and her heart to us, and really, what more could you ask for from a personal website?