Rules (updated on 29/09/2010)

Before applying:

» Must be at leat 13 years old.
» Have good knowledge in HTML, basic PHP and web development skills. It means you must know how to make your own layouts and code pages in HMTL, PHP and CSS.
» Know how to use FTP. If you are not sure how this works, try Googling it.
» Provide me a sample/site of your existing work (eg. layouts, blogs, graphics). The sample work/site must be created by you.
» Don’t ‘tlk lyk dis’. This is a BIG no-no.
» Type ‘hostme’ in the Anything Else box in the ordering form.

As a member:

» Link back to on every page of your site using the link back code provided at the end of this page.
» Do keep in contact with me.
» No porn/warez/racist or any other inappropriate/illegal sites.
» No forums or chatrooms.
» If you are using other people’s works (graphics, scripts, etc.), make sure you credit them properly.
» You may use templates/layouts/themes created by others but don’t forget to give them credits.
» Upload your files within 3 weeks after acceptance date. If you need more time, let me know.
» If you plan to be on a hiatus, notify me at least 3 days earlier. Hiatus should not be more than 1 month unless you provide valid reasons.
» Update your site at least once in 2 weeks.
» Host your large images and media off-site. I DO NOT allow your account to be used for storage only.
» Unsafe blogging scripts such as Cutenews and Greymatter are not allowed. Other scripts such as PHPFanBase, Waks Ask & Answer, Dodo’s Mail, PHPFormMail are banned as well.

I reserve the right to add, delete or change the rules anytime so make sure you keep checking out this page.

Breaking rules penalty

» First time: you will receive a warning email from me explaining which rule(s) you have broken and the way to fix it. You have 3 days to respond to the email.
» Second time: another warning email.
» Third time: your account will be deleted.

If you wish to be no longer hosted, contact me to ask me to remove your account. Do not just simply leave your site to rot.

Site types

Some of the type of sites that I will host (any other will be accepted too):

» Blogs/writing sites
» Fansites
» Graphic sites
» Personal sites (blog + content for visitors)
» Portfolio sites

Link back code

Hosted by

<a href=”” mce_href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Hosted by”><img src=”” mce_src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Hosted by”></a>