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Paperang Mobile Thermal Printer

In case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t a paid/sponsored post.

Recently I got myself this little nifty gadget. Ta-daa!

*I actually got a pink one, but long story short: I traded it with the green one.

I’ve been wanting this Paperang (link open in new tab) printer for some time but I never seem to be able to pull the trigger and get it. But about a few weeks ago I saw Paperang came out with new colours (pink and ice green) for the printer, I immediately went ahead and purchased it lol.

I bought this from Taobao and it cost me like US$90 or so. I could’ve gotten it for much cheaper elsewhere but I wanted the package that came with it (extra 3 rolls of white thermal paper, 3 rolls of multi-colour thermal paper, protective case and pouch). Plus I requested it to be shipped with FedEx (because I hate having to wait forever for packages – living in this country means mails get to you real slow unless you opt for private couriers) so that added to the total cost.

Anywho, these are what that were included in the package:

So how does this thing work?
Well before you could you use the printer to well, print, you have to install the Paperang app on your phone or tablet. Android users – Play Store, iOS – App Store, you get the gist. Using the app is pretty easy. Once you’ve installed it, open the app and you’ll be prompted to register an account. Even though Paperang is from China, the app is in English (you can change the language in the Settings area) as the app is the Global/International version.

Next you will need to pair up the printer with your phone. Make sure you’ve turned on the printer (long press on the power button) and you’ve switched on the Bluetooth on your phone. The app will detect the printer (in case detection via Bluetooth doesn’t work, another method is by scanning QR code – the instruction is in the app).

Once it’s connected, you can now use the printer!

Of course, since it’s a thermal printer, the printouts are all in black and white. But that also means you save on inks! No inks needed! 😀
I’ve used it to print out all sorts of things (I even tried printing customers receipts for my shop).

I also got some extra paper rolls: sticker paper, photo film paper and post-its.

Oh did I mention there is also a Windows version of the app? It has less function than the Android/iOS one but you still can do a few things with it.


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