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Forwarding agent – USGoBuy

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Ever since I started my small online business, I’ve been shipping stuff from overseas regularly. Most of my goods are imported from the US (with occasional shipments from China and Japan). It’s not always easy to get stuff from the US because quite a number of the US companies don’t ship internationally.

There are, of course, many companies offering forwarding services. Basically what they do is, you sign up with them and they’ll give you an address for you to ship your packages to, and they will in turn ship the packages directly to you. With fees, of course. Initially it was such a headache for me to decide on which one is the best. Luckily, because I’ve been using a Chinese forwarding agent for my shipments from China, I found out from them that they were opening a similar service in the US (USGoBuy). Now, because I’ve dealt with the Chinese branch for a couple of years and am already familiar enough with their processes, I decided to give USGoBuy a try.

Fast forward a year and a boatload of shipments later, I could say USGoBuy is reliable enough. I won’t say it has been smooth sailing all the time but I could say most of the time there had been no issues. The only times when they were problems, I managed to find a solution for them.

Aside from forwarding your US packages to you, they also offer a buying service where if a shop does not accept your card for whatever reason, you can request USGoBuy to do the purchasing for you. Here’a a video from USGoBuy explaining their process.

So if you’re interested in shipping those stuff you’ve been drooling over for some time but can’t find a way to have it shipped over to you, you can give USGoBuy a try by using this registering here. If you sign up using this link, you will get a coupon that you can use to partially pay for your shopping/shipping. 😉

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