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It’s been months (over half a year that’s what I mean) since I last updated this site. Seriously I just don’t seem to be able to find the time to update the blog but despite that I don’t want to completely abandon this website. I’ve put so much time and effort working on and maintaining it that I feel emotionally way too attached to it.

Just a quick update on my life. Let’s see, I’ve quit my part time job as a tutor and now I’m back to job-hunting. In the mean time, I’m also running a small online business (Instagram and Facebook-based) selling a range of things; from clothing to stationery. You can check out the Instagram account here @littlenekoshoppe or the Facebook page Little Neko Shoppe.

Also, if you remember my post on my travel to South Korea in December 2013, let me tell you that I returned to that country two more times in the past year; once during the summer and the latest was in the winter. I honestly love going there, mainly because it’s so different to the life I’m used to and the fact that it has 4 seasons (as opposed to the same dry and wet climate all year round we have here).

On an entirely different note, I have two Liz Lisa dresses for sale on eBay (see pics below). I’m slowly getting rid of Liz Lisa wardrobe as I feel I’m getting too old for the style/fashion. However I still hoard the accessories like the bags and shoes because I still love the brand and I don’t want to give up on it just yet.

LIZ LISA Floral Knit Dress (White) LIZ LISA Floral Knit Dress (Pink)

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