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Tokyo Kawaii Life Summer Haul

I’ve been neglecting this blog for so long because I was too lazy to post anything up. 😡

So this post is about my recent haul from Tokyo Kawaii Life. I’ve been debating with myself whether to get anything from the Spring/Summer collection. I wasn’t too keen about this season’s items so I didn’t plan to get anything until they roll out the A/W collection. But somehow along the way I started to warm up to some of the pieces and also I didn’t want to let the season pass without getting one item at the very least.

As you can see, I ended up getting more than just one item (lol). Half of the purchases were from Liz Lisa and the other half were from Tralala/Penderie.

Sorry but there isn’t any pics of me wearing them in this post because I fail at taking them so you’ll just have to be satisfied with these.


A few of these items came from earlier hauls but since I haven’t posted them up before so I just decided to do a collective post.


First is the dress I got was the Ruffles Scalloped OP in blue from the 2013 Autumn/Winter collection. I got it from Liz Lisa Rakuten store and it was the last one available. I’ve been wanting this dress since last year but it was already sold out on the official web store.

Ruffles Scalloped OP
Ruffles Scalloped OP

Honestly I don’t like the fabric they use for the dress. It was, I think, 50% fur and 50% polyester so the fabric feels rough and stiff to the touch. It’s definitely not made for hot weather so I just might consider selling this.


Next one is the Penderie Cat Collar with Print OP. It was already sold out in this colour when I checked out the page and the only one left was in navy. I decided to wait until they restocked the pink dress but everytime they did, it would be gone before I could even put it into the cart. Eventually I found this pink dress on Fashion Walker while lazily browsing through the website. A lucky find! 😀

Cat Collar with Print OP
Cat Collar with Print OP

Initially I didn’t really fancy the fabric. It feels plasticky, and it seems it might stick on your skin if you sweat too much. But after trying it on, I find myself warming up to it and it isn’t so bad after all. Actually IRL the colour is more of light brown than pink, but it’s no big deal.


The moment I saw the Penderie Lace Trimming Tailor Jacket I knew I had to get it. I don’t own this kind of jacket/blazer and this one looks just perfect for a casual wear and I really love the lace trimming design on the edges (extra selling point!). Sadly one of the buttons is in danger of falling off so I need to sew it up to reinforce it. These jackets come in beige, brown and blue and I chose brown since I feel brown goes with most colours.

Lace Trimming Tailor Jacket
Lace Trimming Tailor Jacket


My excuse for getting the Tralala Sailor Collar Tie blouse is so that I would have something to coordinate with the blazer, pochette and pumps. The blouse has gold buttons which really complements the navy colour.

Sailor Collar Tie blouse
Sailor Collar Tie blouse



I initially wanted to get the Bi-colour Scalloped bag (see pic below) but because they’re all sold out so I got the Bi-colour Scalloped 2-Way pochette instead.

Bicolour Scalloped 2-Way pochette
Bicolour Scalloped 2-Way pochette
Bi-colour Scalloped bag
Bi-colour Scalloped bag

The Gingham Flower bath towel was one of the things in my must-buy list. I was totally taken in by the floral designs and had to get it. As Emiii had pointed out in her post, the towel is not super soft or fluffy and it’s slightly too small for my liking, but it is still quite nice plus I am in need of a new bath towel anyway.

Gingham Flower bath towel
Gingham Flower bath towel



I bought a pair of Flower Motif Strap pumps in navy (middle) to match the navy bag. I have the double strap pumps which has similar design to this one so I though it would fit me. I don’t quite like the synthetic leather they use for the pumps’ uppers, and even though I ordered this shoes in size L, it feels a little small on me. I tried walking in it indoors and that hurt my feet a bit. It’s not, in anyway, the pumps’ fault though. I just happen to have big feet and I’m unused to walking in high heels. But on a positive note, the synthetic leather won’t be damaged(?) if water gets on it.

Flower Motif Strap pumps
Flower Motif Strap pumps


And finally I got the two Scalloped Ribbon sandals from different stores. I saw these sandals during the Tokyo Kawaii Life Open Memorial event and although I badly wanted them but my cheapskate self wasn’t going to fork out $90+ for a pair of sandals, no matter how cute they may be. So I decided to wait until they go on sale but little did I know they were sold out even before there was a sale. It was only a couple of weeks ago I decided to do an extensive search on the sandals and I found several online (Japanese) fashion shops actually still selling them but they only had the camel/brown ones left and they were all sold at the full price. Then I saw Stylife was having 50% sale on the sandals so I just took that opportunity and bought them haha.

Scalloped Ribbon sandals (camel/brown)
Scalloped Ribbon sandals (camel/brown)

I must’ve really lucked out while I was browsing Liz Lisa Rakuten store (this right after I purchased the camel/brown sandals) because they had briefly restocked the sandals; one pair of pink (L size) and one camel/brown (M size) left in stock, plus they were also on sale too! Obviously I didn’t wait and just went ahead to purchase it. <3 [caption width="250" align="aligncenter"]Scalloped Ribbon sandals (pink) Scalloped Ribbon sandals (pink)[/caption]

I bought these sandals with the big hope they’ll fit my feet and they do! My heels and toes were not hanging out and I could walk in them for hours and not feel any soreness. As a matter of fact I wore the camel/brown one yesterday and my God they are comfortable. Nope, not exaggerating here. 😀

Well that’s all the things I got. TKL is starting to roll out their Autumn collection but I don’t think I will be making any more purchases for the time being, at least until they have more of the items coming out/sale.

Sorry about the lengthy post, I hope you enjoyed reading it. <3


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