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Liz Lisa x My Melody Collaboration Onepiece

This year Liz Lisa had another collaboration with My Melody and released several limited items on the VENT webstore. One of the items is this gorgeous onepiece dress:



The dress came in two colourways: pink and blue.

As with other Liz Lisa and My Melody collaboration items, the dress were all sold out really fast. In fact, the pink one, being the more popular of the two, actually went sold out a minute or two after it was released on the webstore.

Due to the popular demands, Liz Lisa did a re-release of the dress some weeks later and because I unintentionally missed out the first release, decided to try my luck on the re-release. I chose to get the blue one because I already own too many pink dresses so I thought it’d be nice to get something different.

The re-release wasn’t as crazy as the first one. Even though the pink colourway were all sold out faster than I could refresh the page, the blue ones were still available 10 minutes later. Anyway, I got the dress a week after waiting for Tenso to ship it to me.




Sorry for the crappy lighting and bad photography skillz.

I love the dress! The details are just so amazing and the print is really pretty. The cut (the collar lapels and the corset style on the back) and fabric is very much similar to the Liz Lisa Princess onepiece so it is a little on the heavy side. So when it arrived I just immediately tried it out. Annnnndddd this is where everything goes downhill. The dress doesn’t fit me. More specifically, I couldn’t zip it up. The zip would only go up halfway and then it just refused to go all the way up. No amount of tugging or yanking would make it change its mind. I had thought there was something wrong with the zipper so I got out of the dress, tried the zipper again, and the damn thing works (though it does take a bit of work). Tried the dress on again and you guess it, Mr. Zipper ain’t cooperating.

As upset as I am, I think this is a waking up call for me to really start losing weight. I’ve been putting on some weight these days from over-eating and ZERO exercise. 🙁

I decided to just sell the dress so that someone else could enjoy it better. I don’t feel I’m doing the dress any justice by not wearing it and simply letting it hang in the cupboard. But really, I’m not happy about this.

The dress is currently listed on the Gal/Gyaru Sales FB and Hime Sales FB pages.

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