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LIZ LISA, Innocent World and Treasures in Ink

As most of dear readers are already aware, I am a big fan of LIZ LISA and given the chance, I’d buy off everything from the store. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), I have not the means to do so and therefore I have to be content with what I could get, which again is mostly limited to what’s available on the webstore. LIZ LISA does not have any physical stores outside of Japan and Hong Kong, with the exception of the pop-up store in San Francisco, therefore most of the overseas buyers have to rely on the webstore to obtain the goods. I am mostly okay with that, except during the huge sale periods.

LIZ LISA webstore often have sales, sometimes several times a month. The discounts vary, from 10% to 98%[1. There is one going on right now :)]. Yes you read that right, 98%, amazing innit? This mostly happen near the end of a season, because the store needs to clear out the last season’s stocks to make way for new ones. So like I said, huge sale periods is both yay and nay for me. Yay because I can finally purchase something from the store that has not yet been sold out, and nay because that means I would be competing with hundreds if not thousands of other girls out there. /cry

Anyway sorry I don’t mean to bore you with my ramblings above. I actually am writing to share my latest purchases from LIZ LISA, Innocent World and Treasures in Ink. Please click on the images to view them in larger sizes.

This is the 2-Way Shoulder Logo Bag from LIZ LISA. The reason why I bought this bag is because I have yet to own a bag from the brand, however because I’m such a cheapskate, I refuse to pay 6,000+ yen for a bag[2. Most of LIZ LISA bags range between 6,000-8000+ yen]. So when I saw this bag being sold for half the price on Yahoo Japan Auctions, I had to nab it. And I’m very satisfied with the purchase. The bag is incredibly cute and although it is smaller than my expectation, it is just the perfect size to hold whatever stuff I need to bring when I go out.

The next item is a pair of over the knee socks from Innocent World. Innocent World is a Japanese fashion brand selling Lolita clothing. I am most fascinated by Lolita garments all the way down to the accessories (especially the Classic Lolita style) despite knowing for a fact I would never dress as one. However I am interested in trying out the socks, because Lolita socks usually have prints on them although there are plain ones too.

This pair of socks is called French Picture Frame OTK Socks. I absolutely adore the prints. The details are very nice and the prints extend all the way to the end. There are 3 colour choices: beige, bordeaux and black. I chose beige because I feel beige background makes the prints to stand out even more.

I’ve always wanted to get myself some blogger cards that I could hand out to new acquaintances but it’s not easy to find a shop that could do a custom design without costing me arms and legs. I found Treasures in Ink on Etsy who could do it for reasonable prices (and reasonable shipping fee).

I am pretty happy with the outcome although I feel the print doesn’t stand out as much as I would like it to be and the ink looks slightly grainy but it isn’t too bad. This is to be expected because it wasn’t printed out on glossy paper. I’m not sure if I would be handing them out to people on meets because they remind me of those dangling label tags you find on clothing. Not to worry though, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for them.


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