LIZ LISA Rich Vintage Rose Carry

Take a look at the pic below and try to guess what it is.

Yep, it’s the 2014 LIZ LISA Rich Vintage Rose Carry! *squeals*

As many of you dear readers know I am a big fan of LIZ LISA and every once in a while I would be purchasing something from its online store. And then back in December 2013, LIZ LISA’s biggest (and the most anticipated) annual event came up: the release of the fukubukuro (or lucky bag). Please refer to my post here for more info on LIZ LISA fukubukuro.

Now, time to see what’s inside.





So I bought the Rich Vintage Rose Carry set not just because I want the cute trunk, but also because this is my first time getting a (winter) fukubukuro from LIZ LISA and this seems to be a great opportunity to get LIZ LISA items at such a great price (although my wallet disagrees /cry ).




Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside the trunk carry followed by the pics:
1 coat
1 onepiece
1 ruffle top
2 cardigans
1 camisole
1 skirt
1 skort (skirt+short) or sukapan
1 small blanket

Click on the individual pictures to view them in larger size

Total value of items = 65,100 yen (approx. $625 USD)

The carry also came with a 20% discount ticket for my next purchase. Sweet!


Shipping process
30 Dec 2013 – VENT sent the package to Tenso
04 Jan 2014 – Tenso registered the package in their system and notified me. I paid for shipping.
05 Jan 2014 – Tenso shipped out the package
09 Jan 2014 – Package arrived in Brunei
11 Jan 2014 – Picked it up from the post office

So.. altogether how much did I pay?

The trunk carry and its contents = 21,000 yen
Weight of trunk carry = 7,180g
Shipping from Tenso to me = 8,600 yen (I live in Brunei [Southeast Asia])
Tenso service fee = 1,980 yen
Customs tax = 0
Total = 21,000 yen + 10,580 yen = 31,580 yen (approx. $303 USD)

I was lucky not to get hit by the customs tax. Come to think of it, I rarely get taxed by the customs for anything really, and in fact, I never got taxed if my shipments came by EMS. Woohoo! XD

Anyway, I am very much happy with this lucky bag since I like most of the stuff inside, however there are a few items I am not overly keen with so I might end up selling them. But aside from that, getting 10 LIZ LISA items including the trunk carry for 21,000 yen is pretty awesome. /love

Ok, that’s all for now. If you ladies got yourselves any of the LIZ LISA lucky bag sets do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know what my fellow LIZ LISA fans got in your lucky bags. 😉 Also, some time soon I will be reviewing the individual items.


  1. I love your layout! Looks fantastic even on my iPad Air. 🙂

    That is a cute trunk and some cute clothes! It is always nice to splurge on something here and there. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Erin. Honestly when I made this layout I wasn’t sure if it was gonna look good on iPads or not considering I’m usually too lazy to make layouts mobile-friendly. :p

  2. Hello, neighbour! I’m an Indonesian^^
    I agree, this is such a good deal with the price and the cute trunk, it’s a good thing especially when we like at least half of the items.

    I think everyone got the same items from this trunk, seeing from Emii’s compilation post about it^^

    1. Oh My God, you’re from Indonesia? Wow! It’s not very common to find other girls from Southeast Asia who are fans of LIZ LISA. /love

      Yeah it seems like the trunk contents are consistent which in a way makes me somewhat both glad and disappointed at the same time; glad because everyone gets the same thing, but also disappointed because there’s no variation. 😀

  3. Apfel-Birne

    I love your photos of the trunk! You were able to capture the color very well! I also like the cost breakdown. It was very informative. 🙂

    1. Hahaha thank you! Actually I was surprised to see the photos coming out better than I had expected because 90% of the time I get crappy photos. 😡 I actually like your photos better.

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