LIZ LISA 2014 Spring Collection

Hey there ladies! Say hello to LIZ LISA’s 2014 Spring Collection. Below you can find some of the sneak peeks of what’s coming this spring.

From the looks of it, the main colours for this collection is purple and blue. This is actually a refreshing change from their usual pink-cream-beige palette and the abundance of frills and lace that pretty much dominated last year’s collections. As for the theme, this time it is called Playful Pin-Up Girl and LIZ LISA is incorporating the retro, 50’s style into their design.

Unfortunately, I actually do not like this. I am more into pink and cream colour palettes (and whatever hues they come in), which is why I really like their last year’s Autumn/Winter collection. Don’t take me wrong, I do like blue as well, however it has to be either baby or sky blue but most of the designs in this collection make use of darker shades of blue. Also, I am not a big fan of checked patterns so sadly, this season’s design is a no-no for me. 🙁 Good news is, I happen to like some of the bags and the shoes. They seem to keep the pink and white colour schemes for the accessories so that’s something to look forward to. 🙂

I am hoping that LIZ LISA will come up with other designs and with other colour schemes soon because otherwise I might have to pass up this season’s entire collection and wait for the Summer and A/W ones. This may not be entirely bad though, because that would mean it is better for my wallet. :p

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