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Nekonette is back!

Well, after being down for 682 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds is back up and running once again. In case anyone was wondering what exactly happened to it these past weeks, I can’t give you the accurate answer myself. But what I know is that there is something wrong with the server of my previous host (yes, I switched to a new host now — thanks to Moni of IceGlow Hosting for taking me in). I don’t know the details of the problem but at the time I’m typing this, the issue has not been resolved yet.

So after, umm, 3 years with CBD-Hosting, I finally moved to IceGlow. Honestly, this move is such a pain for me because Jade has been such a wonderful host and super heplful. I never had major problems with her hosting service before this so when shit like this happened, I feel awfully bad to have to make the decision to switch host. /cry
Another reason for the pain is that I have lost 2 years worth of blog posts, comments and other site updates /cry because I was stupid enough not to download those backup files /angry so in the end I have to make do with whatever files I have on my computer and work from there. Damn.

Anyway, there are lots of reworking needed on the website so please excuse any messy pages or dead links.

Right, now that I’m done venting out my frustration I think I’ll stop here and hit the sack. I’ll post another update soon.

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