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So I’m finally done with exams and coursework and I’m now left with the dissertation. Since there’s no way I can finish it by the end of this month so I plan to extend my stay with the university until the end of this year which means my graduation will have to wait until next year. Blergh.

I just got my mid-term exam result for one of the modules I took and I only got 52/100. /cry Honestly this was the hardest course I had ever taken and it’s no surprise that’s what I got. I’m absolutely crap when it comes to sociology because I don’t like reading articles that are so long-winded that makes you wonder if the author actually knows what s/he is talking about. That’s the problem with some social scientists, I think. Sure they know their stuff but when it comes to putting those ideas into black and white, the words are just everywhere. There are some articles that are easy to read and you pretty much can grasp the gist of the whole article by just reading through a few paragraphs but some authors probably think it’s fun to read from A to Z without actually making it clear what exactly they want to convey to the readers. Seriously these authors need to go back and take some writing courses.

But, on the other hand, for my other module I scored 47/50 for the whole coursework[1. And that’s the highest in class ;)]. The module’s grading is divided equally between coursework and final exam, which means even if I only get a PASS for the final exam I would still get a credit for this module.

Anyway, I mentioned in a previous post about hosting a book giveaway. I am actually itching to do this so hopefully I’ll be able to do it sometime at the end of May or early June in conjunction with Nekonette’s 4th year anniversary.

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