Seriously demotivated

Stressed out

Stressed out
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The last few days had been good to me and I had enjoyed them very much. My classmates, Leon and I went out for dinner the other night for the first time as a group. Little did I know the joy would come with a vengeance.

I found out that in one of the modules I’m taking for this semester, I am getting marks lower than my expectation. This is seriously a blow to my pride, considering I got excellent grades last semester. But what really maddens me is that the lecturer for this module is letting the undergraduates marking the post-grads’ assignments1. I find this to be very appalling since this would mean the grading is not consistent2 and worse, this might cost me dearly at the end of the semester; I might not be able to maintain my A grade, and in turn, I might not be able to graduate with distinction. /cry

Obviously this upsets me because the lecturer used to be someone I really thought highly of, but now I am increasingly losing interest in the module and am very demotivated to stay.

  1. The module is a shared module taken together by the post-grades, final year undergrads as well as the second-year undergrads
  2. For example, I only got 3/5 for the second assignment (we will have 10 assignments in total throughout the semester) and he specifically disallow any appeals

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