My Valentine and dresses

As we are all aware of, every year on February 14 is the day when we celebrate Valentine’s Day1. So this year Leon and I celebrated the day with a simple lunch at our favourite restaurant, Bayswater. Leon also got me a couple of roses (from Holland he said). It was really sweet; I was in the bookstore looking for any books to buy while Leon walked off saying he wanted to throw away his empty can of Coke. When he came back, he had the roses behind his back before presenting them to me. The shopkeepers were cheering for us and I could feel my cheeks were flushing red from embarrassment. ;)

Roses from Leon

Roses from Leon

These days I’ve been doing online window shopping for knee-length dresses as I need to expand my wardrobe. I found some online stores which have caught my attention and I’m really tempted to give it a go but I’m a bit wary of a few things: quality and price.

1. Quality
Since I can’t actually feel the dress with my hands so I could only trust the description provided. I don’t have any allergies (not that I know of any) but I prefer if the material be something that is not too flimsy. And of course, all of us wouldn’t want a poorly made dress with bad seams, missing buttons, faulty zipper, etc.

2. Price
Finding a good dress is easy, but good ones at reasonable, affordable2 are hard to come by. I am a full-time student and I could only rely on my monthly allowance and my meagre online income to sustain myself which means I can’t exactly lavish too much money on dresses, can I?

Another important criterion for choosing dress is the size. Some of the dresses I saw on the online stores are designed for taller ladies (I’m considered petite) and I have no intention of buying them just to have them sent to dressmakers for alterations which obviously will cost even more money.

Where do you usually buy your clothes and how much do you spend on them?

  1. Well, not everyone, but you get my point
  2. Translated: cheap

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