Towards the last mile

It’s the beginning of the new semester. This would be my final semester as a post-grad student before graduating in August. Frankly I am not too thrilled about this, meaning I’m not really looking forward to going through 14 weeks of pain and tears. But I’m determined to get this done and over with so I’ll live through this.

My Semester 11 exam results came out not too long ago and I can proudly say I did quite well despite the grumbles and moans over the ridiculous amount of work I had to do.

Semester 1 exam results

Semester 1 exam results

I.P stands for In Progress. When this result was published my lecturer for that one course had not returned from his vacation so he had had not the time to check and grade my research proposal. In fact, he only told the entire class the grades yesterday. He gave me a 85%, which means that is another A to the list above. ;) I seriously did not expect it considering the amount of effort I put into the proposal was minimal.

This semester I’m only taking 4 courses as opposed to 5 last time. But I bet the workload would still be the same if not more, considering I will need to finish my thesis by May/June. Not something that can be easily done, I tell you that.

The other day, I received a note in my mailbox. The note instructed me to pick up a parcel at the postal office. So I went to the PO and this is what was waiting for me.

phone case

Phone case for my Samsung Ace 2

This phone case was a Christmas gift from Georgina. I tweeted about the phone case on Twitter and to my surprise Georgina offered to buy it for me as a Christmas gift2. The case also came with a free screen protector (not shown in photograph), so that’s twice the awesomeness. 🙂

*Sorry for the quality of images, my iPad is just not the best tool for capturing photographs.

  1. In case you’re not aware, I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in South East Asian Studies
  2. I got her something in return but I can’t tell you what it is

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