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Merry belated Christmas to all. I had wanted to do a post on Christmas but somehow I just got lazy and kept putting it off for later and eventually I never got around to doing it.

I sent out Christmas cards to a couple of people this year (I didn’t get around to doing it last year) and received this in return:

Christmas card

Christmas card from Georgina

And I also got some gifts from Leon:

Gifts from leon

Top from left: Eric (the Discworld series) graphic novel, Feet of Clay (the Discworld series)
Bottom from left: torch card, earphone cable storage

Archery is not an easy sport, as I found out. I went to the archery centre last Wednesday to give it a try (because it looked hella fun). It was so difficult to steady my arms while focusing at the target. I don’t have the upper body strength to properly draw the string and steady the bow and that’s a pity because I would love to be able to do archery, and if possible, be good at it too.

The other day my siblings, cousins, Leon and I went to watch The Hobbit. I’ve waited for the movie ever since 20031. At that time I wasn’t sure if they were really going to turn the Hobbit into a movie but I’m so glad they did. It was a good one despite minor things that could have been better or could be improved. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do so, especially if you are a fan of the book.

Speaking of being a fan, I wonder if any of you saw my tweets regarding the Taiwanese celebrity Show Luo2? After seeing his acting skills in two of his dramas3 I am totes in love with the man’s talents. He can sing, dance, act and host entertainment and he truly appreciates his fans. I read somehwere he would not leave the signing event until he finishes signing for everyone. I’ve been thinking of writing a fan letter though I doubt he’d have the time to read it.

  1. Right after the final installment of the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  2. He was dubbed as Asia’s Dance King by Taiwanese media
  3. Hot Shot and Hi My Sweetheart

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