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I don’t think I have consistently liked any music bands more than the Backstreet Boys. I have been a fan of their songs ever since I was in Year 6 (and that was ages ago!). True that their style and music have changed over the years, from boy band pop to acoustic rock but to me they are still the same great band of boys.

People like to say things like, “OMG, how can you like them? They think [this] and [this] are cool!” That’s because they were cool, at that time. People forget that trends change all the time, what’s cool and hip today may not be as funky tomorrow. Just because they don’t appeal to you, doesn’t mean I have to share your view.

I went to the bank the other day to get my name embossed on my Standard Chartered eCash card since I would be going to the UK in 3 weeks time and in UK, they might want to see my name on the card to proof ownership. We arrived at the bank 15 minutes before the bank opened so we were lucky to be the first in line to be served. I found out that they don’t emboss your name on the card, instead, it’s simply printed on the card. And even for that, they’ll charge you $15. I also asked if they could help me recover my PIN because I couldn’t remember the numbers. They told me it was impossible to do so since the bank doesn’t store the PIN for eCash cards. I’d thought, “Well that’s bloody useless, isn’t it?” but since there was nothing could be done I decided to get a new card. Eventually I walked home with a new card and with my name printed on it[1. Which cost me a total of $40] but only to realise I forgot to ask if the new card actually links to my old account. Which means I’ll have to go back to the bank on Monday.

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