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Pursuing a dream

I’ve been scouring the stores everywhere and I’m still unable to find any that sells winter apparels. In the end I had to borrow some stuff like gloves, scarf and coat from Leon. Honestly, this absurdity is slowly getting on my nerves. With the number of Bruneians going to Europe each year, I’m amazed we don’t have a shop dedicated to selling the stuff. But again, even with the numbers it’s probably still not economically viable.

My dad’s been urging me to go for the Master degree. I’ve no problem with that, considering that’s exactly what I want to do anyway. However the final say lies on the university’s Senate. If they ruled that I am not good enough for the university (I swear this is such a tripe) then I won’t get in. Having said that, I’m also considering of doing the Master degree in Australia and I’ve got my eye on Queensland University of Technology (QUT)[1. I once applied at this university for my degree and got accepted but I wasn’t qualified to receive Brunei government’s scholarship.].

I’m also learning some basic French phrases. I don’t think I’d be needing to know lots of them since I’d be staying in France for 3 nights only. But I gather I still need to know a few things, just to be on the safe side. Though my pronunciation would probably confuse the native speakers there. :p


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