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I’ve finally settled the issue regarding my eCash card (refer to a previous post). It turns out that my old card was no longer of any use since I’ve lost the PIN and the only way was to open up an new account and get a new card (which I already did). I also had to withdraw all the current balance from the old account[1. And was charged $3 for it] and deposited it to the new account. I wouldn’t have to do this if the staff who served me last week had told me that I should just close the old account and transfer everything to the new one instead of telling me that I could have two different cards that can be used for one account (which was not how it works). Still, I’m glad everything’s sorted out now and I can use my cash card again. :p

I’ve also re-opened my portfolio site Well, it’s actually more of a collection of website layouts which I’ve used in the past as well as some unused layouts. 99% of the site is finished but I still need to fine-tune a few things.

And to those who had been tagged but have not answered/done them, the questions can be found on this page.

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