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Last words before the trip

This is most definitely going to be my last entry before I fly off (unless there’s something really important for me to talk about). But if I do, I’d probably just draft it out and post it whenever I get the chance. Initially, “whenever I get the chance” meant “when I get home after the trip which is over 2 weeks from now”. However, I’ve decided that I would be taking my laptop with me, and this is after my parents persuaded me to do so. The main reason why they want me to bring my laptop along is because it’ll be easier for me to keep in contact with them (Skype, MSN, etc. You name it).

In the space of 4 and a half years, I’ve never been far from Leon more than a few hours of flight away. This will be the first time he and I will be separated with thousands of miles lie between us. He’s sad to let me go but he won’t want me to miss this opportunity for the world. And I hear that being away from the one you love can actually strengthen your love for one another because you’ll have the moment to reflect on what the person has contributed to your life. It’s only for 2 weeks, but as I said, we’ve never been that far away from each other and this is definitely a way to test our relationship.

So guys, I’ll see you all after 2 weeks, but I’ll blog whenever I can. Take care everyone.

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