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To fly away

Starting next January my sister will be doing her one semester working attachment in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia so my dad suggested the rest of the family should go with her to Malaysia this end of December to help her settle down. He even asked me to book the tickets for the flight through the airline booking system. Thing is, the online booking requires me to key in all the passport details and I don’t have them at the moment. It wouldn’t be so bad if not for the price of the tickets keep fluctuating all the time. The last time I checked it, the price has gone up by $100! That’s just insane and at this rate, we’re probably going to cancel the whole family trip altogether and just let my sister go there all by herself.

I mentioned in a previous post, I will be chaperoning my sister who will be going for a study trip to UK and France this late November but I haven’t bought any apparels for the cold temperature. I’m not expecting any snowfalls since we would be in London most of the time but I’ve heard it always rains so should at least pack up something warm.

Krystal’s having another giveaway competition so if you haven’t signed up for it, you can do so at I’m certainly taking part of this competition, I’ve yet to win something from her store. 😉

And thanks to Georgina for picking me as her September 2011 Caption Contest winner! Here’s the award:

Georgina's September Caption Contest award
Award which I won from Georgina's September 2011 Caption Contest

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