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I’ve always wanted to start writing a book. During my younger days, I was so much into writing stories. I had a book in which I used to write stories in the form of stick-man drawings. And there was one time when I copied down the entire dialogues from a comic book after memorising the entire plot lines. Talk about obsession. Nevertheless, my friends loved my stories and in one occasion, my friend even showed the book to our teacher (this was during my time in religious school). My teacher was equally impressed and said to me that I should start writing a book.

Fast forward to several years later I was still into creative writing but only did it sporadically. I began writing short fan-fictions that never got published anywhere (they were just sitting in my desktop’s hard drive) and cheesy love poems. Most of them were never finished because somehow I got disinterested in continuing the story lines.

Fast forward a little bit more…
I completely stopped writing stories during my final years in high school, though I kept on coming back to read my old works. I realised I could never turn my back on creative writing, even though I know how badly-written some of them were[1. This lasted until the desktop broke down and never got repaired]. :p

Last year, the desire to write returned in the form of me developing the ideas for stories in my head. It usually happened while I took my showers. This normally lasted for about a week without much story development/progress before abandoning the whole thing altogether and start picking up a new plot. And all that time I never took the proper initiative to put them on papers, and instead, I continued developing the stories in my head. Most of the ideas are on epic fantasy (because, I LOVE this subgenre).

Unfortunately I do not have any qualifications in creative writing[2. I’ve read somewhere that you don’t actually need any qualifications apart from the ability to write in cohesive sentences, a thick skin, a solid work ethic and most important of all, creativity.]; I never took literature lessons and the only time my work got published was in 2001: I wrote an article about the happenings in my high school and it was published in the national newspaper under the High School section.

In short, I just do not have the making of an author. I might eventually begin writing[3. This is an uncertain future, and nowhere can I guarantee it will happen.], but it’ll be full of rehashing, plot holes and purple proses.

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