Melancholic weeks

Note: This is blog post full of sombreness. Skip to the end of the post for something.

Last week I went to the photo studio to pick up my photos from the graduation ceremony. While I was there, the shop assistants told me to look for the photos I want from the computer. I was clearly not thrilled having to browse through hundreds of photos just to look for a few snapshots but I did it nevertheless. After I got tired of looking at 20+ pictures, I decided to randomly click on an image and luckily for me, it was my own photo. That was an amazing luck, considering there were at least one photo for each of the 801 graduates, and I managed to click on mine. 😀 Then I went on looking for other pictures and picked out two more. I asked the shop assistants to quote me the price for 8r size and it was a shocking $30 for the three photographs (BND$10 each)[1. BND$10 = USD$7.73. Normally in Brunei, the price for a 8r size photo would only be around BND$5]! That was insane and I seriously thought they were pulling my leg. I can totally understand the shop wants to make some profit out of this and I wouldn’t mind too much if the quality of the images were excellent but the pricing is simply outrageous. I somehow feel the shop is taking an advantage on us. In the end I only asked for the softcopy and even for that they charged me BND$40…

Rejection is a painful experience and everyone must have at least faced this once in their lifetime. Rejection is associated with shame, guilt, remorse, grief, abandonement, and fear. It lowers one’s self-confidence and hurt the ego. And it’s something I feel right now. My Masters’ degree application has been rejected and honestly, this is a huge blow to me. I’ve put my hopes and dreams into it but the university has decided I am not good enough for the it. I won’t be this disappointed if I have the choice of applying in a different university, but I don’t, because we only have one university in this country. Okay correction, we only have one university that offers graduate degree programs. So it means I have to go back to job hunting.

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