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The final weeks

Thank you to everyone who commented on the new theme. I’m going to work on a few things on the theme (ie. fine-tuning it) so there might be occasional errors popping up once in a while. 😀 I’ve also added in a few tutorials and updated some of the pages. Heck, I might even do a little site-cleaning.

A few days ago my dad urged me to apply for an administrative job. Honestly I was tempted with the prospect of working in a government office but in the end I think it’s just silly for me to go apply for the job when I’ve already gone for the Masters degree interview. I mean let’s say if I get accepted for both of them, it would look bad on my record if I turn down one of them after taking the trouble of sending in the applications and going for the interviews.

The graduation day is less than two weeks away and practically everyone who is involved in the event is busy (and probably getting all stressed out). I myself will be going to the university on Tuesday to pick up the convocation letter and collect the graduation gown and on Thursday there’s the Khatam-Al-Quran[1. It is the completion of recitation of the Holy Quran] event which all Muslim graduates have to attend. There’s also the three-days rehearsal for the graduation ceremony itself and we were told that if we don’t attend them, we won’t be given our certificates, well so said the university’s admin. I do feel it is a little strange that a student’s recognition for completing a programme is determined on whether or not the student attends the rehearsals. I understand that the admin wants everything to go well and smoothly on the event day since it will be His Majesty the Sultan himself would be handing out the certificates but… anyway, I can’t truly be bothered about it really. It’s not like there’s anything I can do about it. If that’s what the university wants, we’ll do it their way.

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