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Noob attempt to thievery

In a couple of previous posts I mentioned about my desire to pursue a Masters degree. Well I’ve submitted my application some time ago and now I’m just waiting for the university’s response to the application. Good news, last Monday I received a phone-call from the university telling me that I am to attend an interview on this coming Monday. I then proceeded to share the good news with Leon and he told me he received the same phone-call too. 🙂

Also, I’ve entered Krystal’s September Giveaway. She’s giving away another jewellery piece to a lucky participant. 😀

On a not-so-positive note, I found out someone has been copying my tutorials (again!). Apparently, this person has gone to several websites and copied the tutorials. She even copied the styling for the <code></code> tags. ‘Tis true I never put a copyright notice nor did I put up a note saying those who made use of my tutorials have to credit me back, but to copy the tutorials that I wrote from scratch word by word is completely unethical. And I’m sure none of you would appreciate your work being plagiarised. What’s more, this person has the cheek to put up a notice asking people to credit her for the tutorials when she can’t even spell ‘tutorials’ correctly. What a joke. If she was smart, she’d at least change the picture in the tutorial.

On her sidebar:

You’re obviously permitted to have a look around,but of coarse,itchy fingers aren’t don’t take what’s not yours

Wow, would you look at that! Beware visitors, if you have coarse and itchy fingers, you won’t be entertained. :p

And on one of her pages:

I realy apreciate if U could respect my blog….

Ooo la la. If only she listens to herself when she said it..

Anyway, I’ve sent her a written warning and if she doesn’t act on it within 24 hours (I’ll give it a max of 72 hours), I would put Blogger admin on her tail.
The following are the links to original tutorials written by me here:
How to code Classic Blogger template – Part 1
How to code Classic Blogger template – Part 2

I’m so tempted to send the little thief the following links :p
What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content

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