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Betting on my luck

As you can see, after months of procrastinating I can finally so goodbye to the previous theme (which had been up on the site for slightly over a year) and put up a new theme which I call ‘Royal Crimson’. Took me more than a week to get the whole thing done. The base design was inspired from a tutorial by Osvaldas but most of the customisations were added by me and a lot of the styling were taken from the previous layout (too lazy to build everything from scratch). I actually wanted to create sort of a vintage+elegant style but I think I failed in the process. Boo. Anyway, I’m still quite satisfied with the outcome.

Okay design notes aside, I’m glad the whole thievery shizz didn’t grew to be an e-drama because frankly, I actually questioned my decision to reveal the copycat’s identity. She probably didn’t deserve the brutal attack. But when she went on a rampage mode in her email, I stopped feeling sorry for her. Anyway, to cut the long story short, we’ve settled the issue (though in a not-so amicable manner) so we’ll leave this behind us for good.

Lately I’ve been so hooked to a Facebook game – The Sims Social. I am not a Facebook-er, meaning I do not frequent Facebook (even my account was not created by me[1. The account was created by Leon for me. :)]). Ok, that’s not entirely true, I frequent Facebook but ONLY to play the games. :p The game’s obviously modified from the original game in a way where you have to bleeding add friends in order to unlock certain items. I know the reason is to get you to socialise more, after all, that’s what Facebook was created for. But it can be annoying when none of your friends accept the invitation and you’re left to rant that sounds something like this:

“Accept my invitation, why don’t you!? Goddammit, [insert friend’s name here]!”


“Fugging ‘Add friends’ system! I was so close to getting [insert item name here]!”

I went for the Masters degree interview last Monday and it was quite an experience. The interview took about 20 minutes and throughout the session, I was practically trying my best not to show my nervousness. It was hard, since the interviewers were staring at me most of the time. The questions thrown at me were tough but I think I did well answering them. But the interviewers had a long day and I’m pretty sure they’ve met better candidates so I’ll just bet on my luck there. 🙂

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