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Best birthday gift

It’s currently the fasting month (Ramadan) for Muslims and therefore, I’m fasting. No food and drink for me while the sun’s up.

August 9th was my 25th birthday. I am now a quarter of a century old. Old bird! 😀 Leon got me a birthday card and I received $50 from my dad.
On the same day I finally received my degree classification. A lot of the final year undergrads in my university have been waiting for their degree classifications. This year there was a delay in releasing the classifications over reasons the university won’t tell us (it was supposed to be released a month ago). Anyway, I got a Second Class Lower with Honours! Woot! Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. I was afraid I would get a Third Class due to bad academic performance in the past. But I’m glad everything turns up well in the end. So, I’ll be graduating this September! <3 This is indeed the best birthday present ever. 🙂 I've finally handed in my Masters degree application. That thing have been gnawing on my soul for the past 4 months and I'm so relieved to have it done and over with. Whether I would get accepted or not, that's a different story altogether. I won't have to fret over it for at least another 4 months. I've got a photo shoot on Monday. This is for the Convocation Promo Clip in conjunction with the university's 23rd Convocation Ceremony which would be aired on the local tv station. <3 A couple of days ago I made a layout for Classic Blogger (Blogger platform). Ever since I uploaded it at 3 days ago, it has seen 200+ downloads! Woot!

Vintage Memories
Vintage Memories (Classic Blogger layout)

If I have the time, I might just convert this to WordPress theme.

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