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I’ve updated all my blogs to the latest WordPress version and frankly, I don’t really like the new admin interface. It looks somewhat bare and clutter-y to me. But eh well, as long as it works, that’s what matters.

My last post was almost 3 weeks ago. Wow. I mean, whoa. That was ages ago. I’ve been busy with both offline and interwebz things; I’m currently doing two projects for clients which involve building ecommerce websites, job hunting, writing resume, and preparing the Masters’ degree proposal. Can you believe I’m still struggling over the damn proposal thing?

Later this year (that’s in late November-early December), I’d probably get my ass off to UK for a trip. It’s actually a study trip organised by the school where my sister goes to, but I’d thought it’d be cool if I can tag along. After all, the furthest I’ve been in my entire 24 years of life was Peninsular Malaysia. And that’s even only 2 hours of flight time. So this trip to the UK will really be an eye-opening experience for me. And oh, did I mention the trip will include a brief visit to France as well? 😉 But this is, of course, subjected to change (cancellation, even) but let’s hope it will really happen.

Have you heard of the story of a Harrods employee being fired from her job for not wearing makeup[1.]? Well, after reading article(s) on the issue, apart from having a crappy dress code policy, I saw nothing wrong with what Harrods had done. The young woman signed up for the job, knowing what’s within the contract but chose not to abide by it. Seems to me she was asking for it, no? Just because she got away with it for four years, doesn’t mean she’s got the right to get away with it. Though I do think that the company ought to enforce the rules from the beginning as to avoid giving out mixed messages. I read on a message board, people were arguing how ridiculous it is to have such a crappy dress code policy and goes on saying how all these is sexist, to me this is just shitty to the core. The main point was she violated the rules. It doesn’t matter what the rules were; for all I care, the employees could be expected to stand in front of the store and dance in Teletubbies suit but main thing is: if you signed for it, you do it and don’t go around telling people you’re being discriminated.

Ah yes, POP forums is back online! If you haven’t checked it out, maybe it’s time to do so. 🙂

Also, I’m joining Krystal‘s summer giveaway, 😉 she’s giving away a Homemade Swarovski necklace. More info here on her website –

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