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Emptiness reigns

Some of you already know that I’ve finally completed my Bachelor’s degree. I spent the final semester doing a teaching practice in a local high school for 14 weeks and yesterday, I found out about my result:

TP result
Last semester's result

Sorry for the quality of the image. You’ll have to squint to see the letters clearly.

So what’s next in steps of life for me? I’m slowly catching up with my internet life; I’ve returned most of the comments, visited new blogs, threw a random domain contest (this story is for another time), made some new friends, but what’s after that? It’s a little unclear for me at the moment. I’m torn between the choice of entering the society or return back to university for the Master’s degree. I’ve only got less than one and half month to write the proposal and in all honesty, I don’t even know if I’ll finish it on time. Then there’s the graduation ceremony in August and I still need to pay for the grad gown.

I also need to clean up my laptop’s RAM. I’ve been downloading way too much files lately, more than my trusty Vaiolet can handle actually. But I don’t want to delete the files, considering the trouble (and time!) I had to go through so it definitely looks like I have to find a way to keep the files without compromising the laptop’s processing speed. Oh dear.

It dawned on me that even though I’ve been in the blogging world close to 7 years, I don’t actually know anyone well enough to learn anything about them. Of course there are a couple of people whom I’ve actually gotten a glimpse of their offline lives but I haven’t talked to them in ages. It turns my stomach the moment I think that even after all these years, I’m still as lonely as ever. 🙁

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