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Several things at once

A fortnight ago I picked up a package from the local post office. Some weeks before I posted about how you can get your blog posts printed out into a book. Well here’s what I get when I opened the package:

Blog to print
Printed into a book

Inside the book
Inside the book

I’m very pleased with the quality of the book so I’d probably use the service again someday. 🙂

I’m on my second week of holidays and to be honest, life can be quite dull when you have nothing to do. In the mean time I’m looking for a temporary job and I’m also currently working on the proposal for my Masters degree application. I’ve also taken the time and worked on several of my sites.

Yesterday I went to watch Thor with Leon. It was a good movie to watch though honestly I was expecting something grander. I’ll skip the details here in case some of you have not watched the movie. 🙂

Thor (image courtesy of IMDb)

My phone’s busted. The 4,5 and 6 keys are not working properly anymore and I have to press on them as hard as I can. I’ve sent it for repair but not long after I got it back, the keys went back to being wonky again. I want to get a new phone but I can’t afford one so my dad let me use his new phone. To be honest, I hate that phone. It’s hard to text people with that phone because the keys are arranged in such a way that it’s hard for my thumb to reach certain keys. So in conclusion, I’m not happy with my phone, and I’m not comfortable with the substitute phone either. /angry

On a positive note, we finally have a wireless internet connection at home. It’s such a relief because we no longer have to rely on awfully slow dial-ups, nor going through the troubles of sharing one broadband modem between the four of us (my sisters, brother and myself). I love speedy internet. /love

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