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To blog or not to blog

My last entry was over two weeks ago. It’s been increasingly getting harder to blog, mainly because I’m very much occupied with work (I even missed the White Valentine’s Day). Three weeks left until the last day for my work attachment. So far I don’t get any signs of decrease in the amount of workload, in fact it’s increasing ever so slightly. Blogging now seems like a chore to me and I resent that. I do not want to blog for the sake of blogging. I should blog because I enjoy it.
But the hardest bit is constructing the sentence. It’s like writing out an essay. As I have said so many times over, English is no native language of mine, hence forming grammatically-correct sentence is not a very easy task for me. In fact, often I get stuck in the middle of typing up a sentence when suddenly, “Heck is this even a word!?” and then I proceed to deleting the whole paragraph.

My next target after completing this work attachment is to apply for the Masters degree. I’ve had the form all filled in and I’ve prepared the accompanying documents. All that is left is to write up a proposal to go with it. Truth be told, I’m not quite sure if I really want to do this.

Namecheap was offering cheap domain transfer as part of their campaign to save elephants. I’m sure the lot of you have heard about this. In case you haven’t, you can read the story here. Some people say this is some cheap ploy buy Namecheap to prey on the uneducated, but I’d say this is a good opportunity to move out my domains from certain registrars to Namecheap so that all my domains can be in one place (having them registered on different domain providers can be troublesome). Plus I’d rather have all my domains be handled by myself rather than having a third party managing them for me so I decided to make use of the Namecheap transfer coupon and moved Nekonette to Namecheap a few days ago. /love

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