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3 days ago Leon and I celebrated our fourth year anniversary together. We didn’t get to do a lot of things on that day because we were busy with work and all but we had a great time all the same. We had an awesome lunch and spent the afternoon in a bookstore and Leon got me a pretty bouquet of flowers. /love

Yesterday I discovered that you can have your blog printed out as a book. While it is easier and cost effective to just have a back up copy of my blog in my local drive, there’s something attractive about having a hard copy of my blog. It will be useful in the long run, I guess. In 20 years or so when my site no longer exists and I might have removed myself from the online world, I would still have something to look back at. However, for me the problem is not in finding the publisher who could do it because there are a lot of websites that offer the service, but I had trouble looking for one that could ship the book to my area. If you’re interested in getting your blog posts printed, you can try Blurb, Pothi, Lulu, Blog2Print or Feedfabrik. 🙂

I also spent two solid days looking for an online store that sells clothings for teddy bears because my Tatum Theodore “Teddy” Threadbear (below, left) needs a new shirt since the one he has now is already looking rather, err.. threadbare.

Teddy, Bunny and Leonie
Teddy, Bunny and Leonie

As much as I like shopping, there are times when I feel I should have more self-control and not spend the money I have on things I don’t necessarily need. It is not always easy to discern between needs and wants when the object of adoration is right before your eyes. :p

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