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The dreaded period

I’m on my fourth day of teaching attachment today. So far, things are quite alright since I have not started teaching yet. The actual teaching would begin on next Monday. I’ll be stuck in this school for 14 weeks which means I’d be here until third week of April. I’ve been dreading this teaching practice so much that on last Sunday night I couldn’t sleep well. /cry

I have my own workstation and that is a relief because I won’t have to share a place with anybody else. I’ve got the pictures of it below. Currently it’s pretty empty as I have not added my stuff to it. You can read the details of the teaching attachment on this site: Teaching Practice Journal.

My workstation
My workstation

Workstation next to mine
The empty workstation next to mine

Something is wrong with my Microsoft Office Powerpoint software and I have no bleeding idea why. It’s frustrating to have this kind of thing happening while I’m on my teaching attachment since I would be doing a lot of powerpoint presentations. /angry

I won’t be doing much updates on this website or any of my other sites due to this teaching practice but I would try to post a blog once in a while, just to make sure the site stays active. 🙂 And I’ll try returning the comments whenever I can, my life is pretty much disorganised right now.

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