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Reminiscing the past

So this is my first post for the new year. I don’t have much to say but when I woke up on the 1st of January, it felt just like any other day. And on the following days, there seem to be not much things to be excited about except on last Monday I went out to see Leon. I haven’t seen him for about two weeks so it really felt good to be able to spend some time with him. Plus it was our 46th-month anniversary together so Monday was a good choice to go out and meet him.

2 more weeks until my work attachment. This time I will be spending around 14 weeks in a secondary school for my teaching practice. I have a feeling I’ve blogged about this so I won’t bore you with a lengthy babbles on the topic.

Speaking of schools, I think I’ll tell you a story of my very first schooling experience. I was around 3 years old and though I had no idea what school was like, I had an idea it involved my parents leaving me with a bunch of strangers. And it proved to be right and to me, it was a scary experience. As my dad turned away and walked by to the car I ran out to him and started crying. My teacher had to drag me inside and consoled me. And for the next few years the same thing happened every day. It was only when I was in Year 3 that I stopped crying when my parents sent me to school. In fact, I did not know I was quite well-known among the teachers as the crybaby of the school. The truth only came out when I was in Year 6 during a sports event. One of the teachers was attaching something to my shirt and she asked me, “Are you still the crybaby?” I was more surprised than embarrassed. LOL!

On another note, I’ve been spending long hours working on another website. It’s not something grand but I thought I want to do something about the extra domain. 🙂

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