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PCnames review

It is not always easy to come up with a good name for a domain. Most of the good, cool (and relevant to our business) names have already been taken. Even when the name/s is/are available, we have no idea whether they are taken or not. Which is why, domain name check engines are popular and important. Not only they can check for us whether the names we want are already taken or not, but some domain check engines also offer the service of offering alternative names if the names we want are not available.

PCnames.com is a domain name check engine that can check a domain name’s availability instantly. The cool thing about this domain engine name is that, you can type in the name you want and it will automatically look up the results without you having to press enter button. There is also a History button so you can check your past histories searches as well as Favourite button so you can save the searches/names that you like.

The downside of this domain search engine is that it can only search several domain extensions such as the .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name. However, a cool feature is that when you hover over the taken domain names, a small pop-up window would appear above it and it will display a screenshot of the website and you have the options to view the whois info or view the website or hire a broker if you are interested in buying the domain name.

If you are not interested in domain name availability search and are looking for other services, there are also Domain Generator where you can generate domain names using lists of words for word1 and word2, Bulk Lookup which you can use to paste in an unlimited number of domains to be checked for availability, Mobile App and also Widgets.

If you have have no idea about domains and related topics (because you might have stumbled on the website unintentionally), you can check out their FAQ section and read more. Or you can skip this and head straight to the review and feedback sections.

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