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Thank you to everyone who replied to my last blog post with the support and warm words. I know it isn’t easy for anyone who suffered from abuse during their childhoods to forget the pain and experience, but life must go on and that’s what I’m doing. *hugs*

I’ve also just recovered from a food poisoning. It started on Saturday night when I thought I’d caught a fever. I felt that I would be better after a good night’s rest but the next day it became worse. I started vomiting everything I ate and so I was left in a state of constant hunger because there was practically no food in my stomach. Coupled with high temperature, dizziness and stomach ache, the vomiting just got worse; I couldn’t sleep and in the end I had to go see the doctor. The doctor told me it was food poisoning. I was relieved it was only a mild one but nevertheless it was not a pleasant experience at all. I certainly wouldn’t wish food poisoning on anyone.

This morning I made a blunder. I was warming food but I left the stove on for too long so evidently the food got all burnt. The smoke filled the entire house and I couldn’t get rid of it fast it enough before my parents came home from work. I had to explain the situation to my parents and luckily they weren’t upset about it. I seriously consider my forgetfulness is a worrying problem. I just pray I won’t accidentally burn the whole house next time. 🙁

This is also my few last days before my teaching attachment starts on Monday. I feel so nervous because this time, it’s going to determine my grade for the entire semester. I still have to see my supervisor to discuss some matters, which I would probably do tomorrow. And there are a couple of stuff that I need to buy for the attachment. All in all, I’m just not ready.

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