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Nearing the end

I never thought the holidays would make me so unproductive. I’ve done nothing except spending more time on the internet (you wouldn’t believe me how much I spent for the internet).

Aside from that, I’m joining the annual Namecheap contest on Twitter. 3 days left until the end and so far I’ve won a couple of times. I’m glad I won those domain credits because I could use them to renew the domains I have in my NC account and maybe some will go to donations.

Leon and I haven’t seen each other in a while. The last time we met was over a week ago when we went to the cinema to watch TRON: Legacy. It’s terrible that I cannot go out and meet my boyfriend like other girls because my parents don’t know about our relationship. They know him as a friend of mine because we go to the same university and he’s been coming over to the house a couple of time on special occassions1 but no more than that. It’s kind of pathetic that I have to sneak out if I want to see him. And there’s no way I can tell my parents about us because my mom will slaughter me if she ever finds out about it. 🙁

Website-wise, I haven’t added anything to the site except a new premade PHP layout for download, you can check it out under the Visitor section. And I have this new domain that I won but I have no idea what to do with it. I’m thinking of turning into a domain collective but I’m not too sure if that’s a good idea.

Less than 10 days to the new year. Despite the pitfalls and all, 2010 has been an interesting year for me. So hopefully 2011 will be a more joyful and productive one for all of us. But before that, happy holidays to everyone. 🙂

1 Occassions like birthday party and on Aidil Fitri (Muslims holy day).


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