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December action

It feels good to finally put exams, assignments and things like that behind me. Last Wednesday was my the very last exam I have to do ever. I’ve completed my education in university and there’s only one semester left which I would be spending outside the university as part of my teaching attachment training.

2010 has been another great year for me and I can’t believe we will be entering a new year in less than 4 weeks. The time flies so fast I barely remember all the things I’ve done throughout the year. But anyway, it’s December and that means holidays. Also, this is the time for me to put all those pending (web) projects rolling. The drafts have been sitting in my computer for too long that I don’t actually remember what some of them are about.

Other than that, I only have little plans for Christmas. I don’t think I’ll be decorating the tree this year with Leon because I don’t think my mom will let me go out during the holidays. But that may change, we’ll see.

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