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Where is the netiquette?

I never thought that I actually have to write this on the night before my first exam. I was planning to leave my website on open hiatus for a week or so because of the exams but something prompted me to blog about it.

While most people already know that there are basic etiquette to be followed when commenting on blogs, some people who seem to be oblivious to this. It irks me so much that people would just leave one-line message to promote themselves and their websites like this person. And by the looks of it, this same person probably feels that styling her name in alternated capitalization of letters style is cool.

They would say things like, “Hey there! Please visit my site!” or “Hi, nice blog. Visit mine.

These redundant messages not only serve no purpose, but at the same time annoys the website/blog owner. This shows whoever left such messages not only didn’t bother to read the whole blog post but at the same time had the cheeks to ask the blog owner to visit their websites. The lack of decorum is simply unacceptable.

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