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I’m not good at starting conversation, a point that I have long known but never addressed. I don’t know about you guys but I am never able to strike up a conversation with anyone unless I have a good story to share so I would just wait for someone to speak up.
Here’s an example of the last conversation I had with someone:

Someone: Hi Kitty!
Me: Oh hello [name]!
Someone: How are you doing?
Me: Oh I’m good. Yourself?
Someone: I’ve been well. So how are things going on with you?
Me: Nothing much. You?
Someone: [rambles on]
Me: Oh that’s great! [pauses] So yeah…

*a very long pause ensues*

Me: So anyway, I better get going. I’ll see you around then.
Someone: Yeah, yeah. See you later.

So you can see how dumb I can get when it comes to a face-to-face conversation. I think this is related to my low self-esteem. I don’t take pride in how I look. In fact, there isn’t anything to be proud of myself. Which is why I sooo much prefer talking to others through the internet.

On the other hand, there is that increasing laziness to stay on the internet. I won’t quit the internet for sure, but lately there isn’t anything for me to do. I end up staring at the screen with an absolute bored look on my face while tapping my finger on the keyboard. The boredom prompts me to do things I don’t normally do on the internet like reading manga and watching anime. So expect to get little or no site-related updates until December. 🙁

I also found out that my next teaching practice (yes, there’s another one coming up in January) would start in the second week of January instead of in the first week and it will only be for fourteen weeks instead of the usual sixteen weeks (or was it seventeen, I can’t be sure). The reason for this shortened duration is because to give enough time for those who will be sitting for exams to study. I’m not one to complain, for sure, because I absolutely love the cut. :p Another piece of (a potentially) good news and I hope this turns out to be true is my mom told me that I may be allowed to choose the school for my teaching attachment because starting this year, the teacher trainees are no longer allowed to choose the school where they will be posted at, which sucks really. So according to my mom, a colleague of hers offered to give me the option to pick the school I want to be in. I really want to take this opportunity because I dread I might be sent to the same school I was posted at the last time.

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