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One compulsive shopper

Look at what I bought yesterday:

Samurai Deeper Kyo manga
Samurai Deeper Kyo manga (vol. 32)

It is clear that I have spent my money on something that I don’t actually need again. I’ve already got a copy of this volume (though it’s in a different language). But being me, I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy something. My commonsense rules out that: what’s the point of going into a bookstore if you aren’t going to buy any? It’s not exactly a logical premise, but most of my reasonings are based on weak arguments anyway.
But my point is, I gotta find a way to control my habit of reckless spending. Even though I’m a mild shopaholic but if there is no rein to keep it in check, this crazy habit of mine is going to cost me dearly.

On the other hand, I still need to buy a couple of other stuff that are actually related to my needs, rather than to my wants:

  • A hoodie. I just lost my old one.
  • Ink cartridge (black) for my printer. It’s been out of ink for several days and I was forced to print out documents using dark blue colour instead.
  • Stationeries, for the exams.
  • Christmas cards. This year I plan to swap Christmas cards with other people. If you are interested in exchanging Christmas cards with me, you can email me at to swap postal address. 🙂

My favourite time for shopping is normally during the day because I feel evenings are just too short to enjoy shopping. And because of that, I usually do my shopping with Leon. He is willing to do the driving and accompany me wherever I go. He shares my passion for books and he doesn’t like to leave a bookstore empty-handed. And of course, he enjoys spending money on food as well.

Okay, make that two compulsive shoppers.

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