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Job hunt

I’ve finally finished all my assignments for this semester and hopefully, the last ones I would ever have to do before I graduate next year. I spent almost 24 hours trying to finish two reports simultaneously which was a major challenge. One of the reports was a group project but since in my group there were only Leon and myself, so a group project that should be done by 4-5 people became a pair work instead so you can imagine the tremendous amount of workload. And the other report, luckily I was only required to write 5-6 pages of it. Still, it wasn’t easy to try completing two assignments at the same time. It was mentally draining for both Leon and me.

Now that I have time to dedicate on the websites again, I’ve decided to work on a new layout, the theme that I have in mind is probably retro-style. Initially I wanted to go for grunge design but I figured it would be tough to make sure the design looks clean. I want to this before Christmas because I might make a Christmas theme instead. :p

Lately I’ve been scouring for some online jobs. All this time I’ve been doing a little blogging for some web companies but I feel that it is time to try something bigger and more solid. I’m thinking to do some freelance jobs over the holidays to help to swell my pocket. I’ve been making a lot of purchases lately and if I don’t do anything to fill my pocket again soon, I’d be out of money pretty soon. I don’t expect to be making much from doing these jobs but if I can get reasonable amount from it, that’s good enough for me.

Early this year I actually applied for a job with one of the existing webhosting websites. Two days after I sent in the application I was accepted and the staff told me that they would get back to with the details for my work in a few days. I waited for about a month but they never did which prompted me to quit the job before I even started. If that was the level of professionalism practised in the company, somehow I don’t think my right as an employee would be protected.

Question: Have you ever done any online jobs? If yes, do share your stories here as I’d like to hear more about your experience. If no, do you have any plan to do so in the future? 😀

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