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Care to have some waffles?

It feels weird to be not blogging for more than a week but it had to be done. I’m still busy with my exams and so my internet life has to wait.

I developed the tendency to waffle about ever since I transferred my bachelor’s programme from Maths major to History major. It began as a way for me to fill in the gaps in my essays because half of the time I realised that I cannot write as much as I want to for various reasons1 and hence I can never reach the given minimum word count without waffling about. For example, if I need to write a 5 pages-long essay, about half of the content would be made up of my waffling.

Over the time it became natural for me to waffle in my essays and in my exam papers. Just this morning I was sitting for my History exam, I completed the whole paper with 15 minutes to spare so I used the remaining time to do spelling and grammar checks and when I read back the essay, I wrote one whole page of nonsense. The purpose of the waffling is, to give the impression that I know more about the stuff I wrote than I actually do and at the same time, it was an effort to impress the lecturers. Some lecturers, of course, would be able to see through the waffles. Well I just hope my lecturer would excuse me for that. :p

1 One of it is due to my inability to find enough resources.

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