Real life

Accidents can happen

I’m currently busy with the preparation for my finals. But to be honest, I’m not as hard-working as most people and I take my things for granted. I enjoy procrastinating too much and because of that I always end up doing my work on the last minute (oh noes..). As the saying goes, “Nothing makes a man more productive than the last minute“. LOL! :p
Other than that I’m also working on my new website. I’m not going to get it all done anytime soon because of the coming-up exams, but I wanted to start working on the small bits so that it won’t seem like I’m neglecting it.

I recently received an email from my lecturer on the feedbacks for my essays. Apparently he liked those essays so he gave me A for both of them. I was extremely pleased with the grades because I spent hours on them (with the help of Leon, of course :)).

So what else is new? Not much, but last Monday my sister and her boyfriend was involved in a minor accident. Another car hit their car from behind. At that time I was with Leon and as soon as I got the phonecall from my sister, Leon and I rushed to the accident place. The accident had caused a big traffic jam and though the place was not far from where I was, it took some time before I could reach the place. The police was already there by the time I arrived. From what I saw, the car that belonged to the guy who hit my sister’s boyfriend car looked pretty bad. The front-right of the car was badly smashed and the debris were all over the road. My only concern that time was my sister’s safety and I was so glad she was unhurt. I don’t think I was ever more scared of her safety before yesterday. I took her home after making sure there was nothing left for us to deal with the police but Leon stayed behind with my sister’s boyfriend to keep him company until his dad came. Thank you Leon!

My advice to drivers out there: please drive safely, you don’t know whose lives you are endangering by driving like maniacs.

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