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The last field trip

I’ve re-written the About Me page, I’ve felt it needed a slight editing (which means deleting some stuff here and there). Also, the Visitor section needed an update so I’ve added premade web templates.

Yesterday Leon and I went for our final class field trip. This time we went to the Wasan Vocational School, which is an agricultural-based training institution. It was an eye-opening experience to see the things that are being taught to the students there. I was amazed to see how the students handled the animals there, something I probably not capable of doing.

Here are some photos I took with my new Sony Cyber-shot. 😉 *squishes*


me and goat
Me touching a pregnant goat

fish tank
Fish tank

paddy field
Paddy field for training purposes

At the chicken coop

baby chick
Baby chicks

Me touching cucumber leaf

It was raining when we were there but luckily all the sites we visited were inside buildings (except the paddy field but there was a moderately-sized resthouse so we could take a shelter there). Overall it was a fun trip even though I did step on goat poop..

Now that the series of field trips is over, it’s time to type up the report on that. I’d probably be cooped up in my room to finish up all my essays and reports in the next few weeks and there’s the exam to think about. Oh dear.


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