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I’m currently reading The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black. I think this is the first time I cannot finish a book in less than 3 days. The book deals with mysteries in the religions in the world. He forwarded the theory of humans being originated from vegetables, or rather, human’s initial form was vegetative-like. He backs it up with records of paintings by the ancient people. In find it a really absurd idea and after the first few pages, it was just hard to take the author seriously. It is a difficult book to read and is not for the faint of heart (or faith).

The other day my lecturer was pointing out how some people don’t know how to properly write emails to the lecturers. Most people, according to him, would send something like, “Can you get back to me ASAP?” and nothing else. I was shocked when I heard this. I thought people would at least, have the decency and brain to address the lecturer properly. Even if it was just an email, but the way you write/type an email to someone does leave an impression on the recipient of the sender’s way of conduct. It may not be a big deal to most people and even though the lecturer can be a pain in the ass, but you gotta give the credit where it is due, plus, whether one likes it or not, this guy is your lecturer. Pissing him off won’t do you any good. And these people wonder why he never replied their emails. The moral here is, follow the golden rule1: if you want your lecturers to be nice to you, give them the due respect.

On another note, I’m having a (major) hard time looking for books to be used as resources for my essay. The minimum number of references for this particular essay is 8 and I can hardly find half of that and most of the ones I have are barely relevant to the topic anyway. What makes it worse is that, those that actually ARE useful and relevant couldn’t be checked out of the library which means, you can’t take it home. They are labelled as restricted materials and even if you really need to check it out, you are only given an hour. How the fuck can anyone make use of the material fully then? I don’t know why they’re classified as restricted materials, because I didn’t see in those books anything that could harm humanity nor did I see they contain national secrets, unless something called SocioEconomic History of XXX Nation can be considered dangerous if it falls to the wrong hands. /angry They might have a perfectly valid reason for doing so but it still sucks. If they think this is a way to prevent people making photocopies of the materials then they are wrong; because photocopy machines are readily available everywhere in the library anyway.

1Do unto others as you would have others do unto you


  1. Wow, why are people so rude?! One of my teachers said, “Your emails speak volumes about you” when we were doing a research assignment and had to email people. She was talking about problems on a small degree, like people writing the wrong thing in an email and sending another one to correct themselves. But when someone demands a reply or is rude, that doesn’t leave a good impression. When talking to tutors you should sound grateful that they are putting aside time for you!

    That book is probably not for me. I like suspenseful books and those kinds of books might interest me, but I will probably be scarred or it might linger in the back of my mind for some time.

    I hate when university does that. They expect you to use a minimum amount of resources when the resources they give you can’t be used properly. Not just in your case with the books not always being AVAILABLE… but in my case, some of the readings we were given did not even relate to my research, which I found really annoying.

    Wow, that is a really long presentation. 20 minutes… I would be scared preparing for that! I didn’t even time the one I completed but I was hoping I would have enough time to talk and not talk for too long. Last semester there was discussion which was interesting but this time I have a different tutor who is not that good… so we don’t get discussions.

    Haha ohhh… I hate being kissed in public sometimes. It makes me feel awkward. James had better not propose in a totally public place. In front of friends, I guess I wouldn’t mind, but I would rather it be a private thing.

  2. Even if I would like to know if I have once been a vegetable, I don’t think I’ll give that a try… And for teachers – here we don’t adress our teachers at all. We call them by their names and they call us by ours. I once texted my english teacher when I was on vacation in Greece asking her if she could pick up my prom ticket 😉

  3. That theory does sound a bit strange. I wouldn’t believe it, for sure, but who knows.

    That’s a bit rude and very disrespectful. Some people just don’t realize that your teachers should be dealt with differently from their friends.

    That’s so annoying! I would get pissed. I hate it when teachers give impossible assignments. It’s like they’re not even considering how much work would have to be put into these types of projects or how much time it would take.

  4. I think that’s the one thing people forget about when they’re chatting on the computer. They think that just because they’re online, they can disregard netiquette and talk like they normally would with friends. We’re all taught how to use computers and how to surf the Web, but we’re all missing the point of learning how to correspond properly with people we don’t know too well or even acquaintances we make.

  5. Hi Kitty! 🙂 That really sounds like a book I would have trouble getting through.. /hmph Good luck with that!

    Haha, at our university it’s kind of the other way around. We mostly send our e-mails, ‘Dear Prof. …’ or ‘Dear L.S.’, with ‘Kind regards, …’ at the end. However, all I get back most of the time is ‘OK’ or ‘I am not sure. Ask a student’. Seriously, it’s the world upside down here..

    Good luck with finding material for your essay! I understand your problem, I have the same. 🙁

  6. Wow, does being polite mean nothing to anyone anymore? =

    Anyways, I’ve heard of that book but I’ve never read it. Maybe I should. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I guess I should feel lucky that I live in a place that doesn’t get many natural disasters, including floods. I remember Indonesia getting very badly flooded and my mum was calling our relatives to make sure that they were okay. I heard about the flooding recently though – admittedly I take it for granted that I’m not affected. D:

    Ahhh it is sooo inconvenient. I have large legs and a lot of the pants I get have a large waist, and I really do not like wearing belts. Especially when the pants are not hipster-pants or low-cut… I do not like a belt around my waistline. I am extremely picky.

    Yeah, it’s a shame! James told me there wasn’t a good way of fixing the scratches but I thought a cover would help. I may need to start looking for batteries for my laptop soon. Mine is dying and I don’t want supplies to run out since the model is discontinued. D:

  8. People can be super rude these days. Although it isn’t like a formal letter but should still address the person you’re sending it too even if it’s just a simple “Hi [Name]” people these days are just too rude.

    That is super annoying that you can’t take those books out the library. Would it be too expensive to buy the books (you might be able to find cheap second hand ones) or would be easier to just photocopy it?

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