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So on last Wednesday Leon and I went for our third field trip with the rest of our class. This time we went to a seafood (fish, prawns, crabs, etc) processing centre. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant place to be (what with the smell and filth) but the visit itself was an interesting one. We were allowed to enter the chambers where they store the processed products. In all honesty, I’ve never been to a place where the temperature is less than 16°C so the moment I stepped into the -17°C room, I was shivering like mad because I was only wearing light clothings. But that was nothing compared to when I walked into the next chamber where the temperature was -20°C. I guess this is how Europe is like at its worst winter days.

The whole group was also surprised by an unexpected visit by the local TV station (RTB). Everybody in the group avoided being interviewed so everytime we were approached by the TV crew, we withdrew away. I managed to avoid all but the last one. I can’t remember what I said during the interview since everything seemed to be going so fast. I probably said something that embarrassed myself. Leon took a few snapshots of me being interviewed and I must say I didn’t look that great in those pictures. :p

I’ve been eyeing this digital camera for quite some time now:

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320

I can afford it actually, since it is within my budget quota but I’m currently undecided when I should get it. All this time I’ve been using either my phone or my sister’s camera to take the photos, but my university courses right now require me to do field trips which, I’m sure you know, need me to take photographs. And then next semester I would be doing another teaching practice and it would be expected of me to take some photographs of the school so getting a digital camera of my own now would be really useful.

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